Welcome to our training 2016!
The indoor training is mostly at the sports centre Gigantium (the address: Willy Brandts Vej  31,  9220 Aalborg East)

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Information about the club

NIM is a club for adults, who like to do inline skating as a form of exercise. The club is arranging seminars, inline skating races and other social activities.

North Jutland Inline Skaters (NIM) is a club for inline skaters in Aalborg Municipality. The club was started in the autumn 1997, with the aim to promote and strengthen inline skating as a form of exercise.

Everyone at the age of 15 and above, with an interest for inline skating, can be accepted as a member. Children are allowed to participate, when at least one of the parents is a member of the club and are participating in the particular activity as well.

There are approximately 30 - 40 members at NIM – both men and women – from age of 15 to 80.

NIM represents inline skaters at all levels – from beginners, who wear the skates for the first time, to the very skilled and technical advanced skater. Therefore NIM for sure has challenges for you who like to do inline skating, regardless of your experience and routine.


We offer training on roads and paths in and around Aalborg. In the winter we prefer indoor practise and have acces to the sports centre Gigantium where training focuses on technique and strength at all levels.

Please visite our training schedule on this website.

If you have any questions, please send an email to: nimruller@gmail.com
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